Customer Support

All of our work is more or less contract based and we are dedicated to quality at a reasonable cost. We believe that the old competitive bid system is obsolete. It neither encourages quality or overall cost savings. With the vast number of contractors in the industry the low bid usually goes to the company, which has made the largest mistake. While the owner may get a cheap price, there are many other ways they will loose.

When our organisation tenders for a contract we actually invite the customer to forward a proposal. We specialise in SCADA or PLC systems, which capture data to provide real time records. The real time data can be accessed from the SCADA or PLC system as well as provide printing and archive facilities.


Proposal for Tendering

All the proposal and contracts we encounter have to work in accordance with the company's quality assurance procedures which follow and adhere to:

· ISO 9000

· PICSVF Good Automation Manufacturing Practice Guidelines

· Food & Drug Administration

· Good Automation Manufacturing Practice (GAMP)

· Medicines Control Agency

These guide lines are mentioned in the proposal and they help ensure that the system is validatable, hence meet the current Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines and Specifications. Stating the purpose of a Project Quality Plan could probably help explain what it is. Therefore the purpose of a project quality plan is to ensure that the relevant procedures are followed, activities conducted at the appropriate times and documentary evidence produced to ensure that quality is built into the project and that all aspects of the system development lifecycle are validatable.