Services Overview

Which PLC's do we support?

All of them, the main manufacturers being Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Seprol, Satt, Toshiba, Square-D and many others


Which SCADA OR PLC systems do we use?

There are very many SCADA systems out there, far more than the number of PLC manufacturers. We have used: InTouch, FactoryLink, Fix, and many more

We provide excellent post sales support to maximise the success of your system. A range of technical support services and comprehensive maintenance packages are available - ask about our special round-the-clock support arrangements. We can provide highly-skilled engineers to work on-site as part of your team and we also offer application-focused training courses.

Experience in completing multi-site projects has enabled us to create a unique package of services for replicating applications from one site to others, nationally and internationally. Vigorously enforced version control procedures mean that numerous applications with plant-specific customisations can be rolled out effectively, saving project time and ensuring consistency of use.

What industries do we work in?

  • Aviation

    Food Production

    Automobile Production

    Waste Water Handling

    Clean Water Supply

    Iron and Steel Manufacturing

    Environmental Control



Oil and Gas Process

Chemical and Petrochemical Process

Power Generation 1

Brewing (Germination)

Many others.....